Faithwalking The Promised Land Together


April 12-24, 2024

Hosted by Dr. Kevin and Erin McCallon

A Note From The McCallons...

Come with us on a journey that will forever change your life…and impact your understanding of Scripture in ways unimaginable! We are truly excited to share with you the land that God chose and the places where Jesus walked. Stand with us on Mt. Nebo, pray in the Garden of Gethsemane, ride across the Sea of Galilee, and follow Jesus’ steps down the Via Dolorosa. Discover for yourself the places you’ve read about in the Bible; leave with your faith refreshed and heart renewed. The only thing better than experiencing Israel personally is sharing it with other believers! You’ll leave wanting to come back again, bringing every Christian you know!

Kevin and Erin

Dr. Kevin and Erin McCallon