Tour Details

Footsteps of Paul - Greece 2024

with 4 day cruise to Ephesus, Patmos, Rhodes, Crete & Santorini

April 21 - May 3, 2024

Group Flight Information

Sunday, April 21

  • United Airlines #46 – Departs Houston – Bush Airport @ 6:15pm/arrives Frankfurt @ 11:15am (10-hour flight)
  • Lufthansa #1556 – Departs Frankfurt @ 2:30pm, April 22/arrives Thessaloniki @5:55pm (2.25-hour flight) 

Friday, May 3 (as of 02-02-24)

  • United Airlines #983 – Departs Athens @ 11:45am/arrives Dulles @ 3:45pm (11-hour flight)
  • United Airlines #1542 – Departs Dulles @5:48PM/arrives Houston -Bush @8:18pm (3.5-hour flight)

If you flying with the group, you will not be able to check in ahead of time for your flight.

On Sunday, April 21 by 3:30pm, you will meet Jeff and Sarah at Bush Intercontinental airport, Terminal C at the United kiosk area to begin your check in process. You will present your passport to the ticket agent or a kiosk to check in and receive your boarding pass. If applicable, verify your TSA number and\or your United mileage plus number with an agent to be sure it is linked to your ticket. Also, it is recommended to inquire about your seats for the flights. The airlines assign seats with groups and it is not always what was requested. Once you have tagged and dropped your checked bag and have seen Jeff or Sarah, you are free to proceed through security to the gate.

Upon arrival at all airports, the group is encouraged to gather immediately upon disembarking and move together to the next gate. Proceeding to the next departure gate with few stops is recommended to ensure you have ample time to board the next flight. Many international airports can be confusing and require extra time to walk between gates and\or terminals.

If you are not flying with the group

The tour officially begins with dinner at the Hotel MonAsty in Thessaloniki @ 7:00PM on Monday, April 22. If your flight arrives within 30 minutes of the group flight you are welcome to meet the group in the baggage claim area and ride the motorcoach with the group to the hotel. If your flight is more than 30 minutes after the group flight, you will be responsible for your own transfer to the hotel. On the departure day, you are welcome to ride the motorcoach to the airport for your departing flight. If you arrive to the hotel earlier than the group and have booked additional nights, you can inquire at the reception about linking your reservation together to avoid moving rooms.

Luggage/Weight Restrictions

Each person is allowed one checked bag (up to 50lbs), one carry on bag, and one personal item. Be sure your checked bag is tagged with your name and contact number. It is recommended to carry all a change of clothes, valuables and medication in your carry on in case of lost luggage.

Travel Insurance

If you have purchased travel insurance, it will be helpful to have your policy number accessible in case of emergency. If you have not purchased travel insurance, you can purchase up to 24 hours before departure. Travel insurance not only protects your tour in case of cancellation or interruption but also offers coverage for medical and dental expenses while traveling as well as lost and\or delayed bag coverage. Information for travel insurance can be found at

Time and weather in Greece

The weather will be “Spring-like” with average temperatures ranging from the mid 50’s – to mid-70’s. Rain showers are always possible. Greece time is 8 hours ahead of CST.

Recommended Dress

It is recommended to “dress like an onion” and wear different layers of clothing. As the day progresses, you can take off layers and then add them back as the day ends. No dress clothes are needed and very comfortable walking shoes are a must! There will be the typical “Captain’s dinner” on the cruise but we suggest wearing your “least wrinkled“ clothing.

Packing Suggestions

It is difficult to not overpack but we encourage you to “lighten your load” with your luggage. The weather will be cool and you can “recycle” your clothing a couple of times during the tour. Dry wicking clothing and Athleisure clothing are available at many stores and make for great travel clothes. It is not necessary to change clothes prior to dinner each evening and the main goal of a tourist is to “blend in” with the locals and not to stand out. The cruise cabins are small and will become smaller with excess luggage pieces. Light jackets and rain jackets will be good to include in your packing. It will probably be too cold but you are welcome to include a modest swimsuit in your suitcase in case you decide to go swimming.


You should make a copy of your passport and leave at home while you are traveling in case your passport is lost or email a copy of your passport to yourself so that you will have access to it. You will not need to carry your passport while we are traveling during the day. We recommend to leave in the hotel safe. (But don’t forget to get it upon departure). A quick hack to remember the items in your safe is to place a shoe in the safe at night so you will have to remember the safe when you are looking for your shoe 😃


Medications do not need to be carried in their original bottles. We do suggest that you have a list of your medication in your wallet or emailed to you in case of lost medication or an emergency.

Electrical adapter

The voltage supply in Greece is different than the United States and you will need a Type C adapter which has two round pins for your electrical appliances We recommend purchasing a universal adapter with USB ports. These can be purchased for appr. $20 either online or at retail stores. If you use a hair straightener or curling iron, it is highly suggested to purchase a “dual – voltage” appliance that automatically adapts to the local voltage. These can be purchased online or at local beauty supply stores such as Ulta.

Local Currency\credit cards

Greece currency is the Euro. One Euro is approximately $1.09. It is not necessary to pre order Euros as you can make a small purchase in the airport with USD and will be given change in Euros. You can also use the local ATMs in Greece to access euros for your purchases. However, keep in mind the ATM will dispense Euros and not USD (so don’t over withdraw). It is suggested to let your bank\credit card company know that you will be travelling internationally and to know the specifics of your credit card regarding international transaction fees daily ATM withdrawal limits and any other fees. It is also recommended to only travel with the necessary credit cards that you will need (there are no Sam’s or Dillard’s in Greece J) and to make a copy of your credit cards and leave at home in case one is lost while travelling.

Cell Phone usage

All cellular providers offer an international day pass for a nominal fee and it allows your cell phone to work as if in the United States. If you prefer to not purchase an international plan, there will be wi-fi spots in the hotels and at the cruise ports that will allow you to use your phone. It is recommended that you learn how to use your phone abroad before departure to avoid any “surprise fees” upon returning home.

Tipping and entrance fees

All gratuities and entrance fees as mentioned in the itinerary are included in your tour cost have been included in your tour cost.


You are encouraged to take photos throughout the tour to share with your friends and post to social media. We do not recommend packing valuable electronics in your checked baggage but rather in your carryon bag.

Emergency contact number while traveling

The Prelude Tours office number 281.667.1057 will be forwarded to a cell phone and will be answered 24 hours a day while on tour in case of emergencies. The Prelude Tours email address,,  will also be checked frequently during the tour.

Typical tour day

A typical day of touring begins with a 7:00am breakfast (usually buffet) in the hotel restaurant followed by a 8:00-9:00am departure for the day. The motor coach will stop every 75-90 minutes through the day for coffee breaks and rest stops. Lunch will be served between 11:00am -1:00pm depending on the tour schedule. It is recommended to have a back pack with you each day with a few snacks, a notebook for note taking, a Bible and an extra phone battery or charging cable for your phone. Some buses may be equipped with USB outlets and\or wi-fi.

2 complimentary bottles of water per person will be available each day on the bus.

Hairdryers and Washcloths

All hotels will provide hairdryers in the room. It is recommended to locate the hairdryer upon checking into your room and request one if it is not there. Most European hotels do not provide wash clothes.