Journey to the Holy Land 2023

Hosted by Pastor Mike and Laurie Seabaugh - February 24 - March 8, 2023

Laurie and I want to invite you to Journey Through the Holy Land with us in 2023. Words cannot capture the sense of awe and reverence that walking in those biblical places creates. The deep impressions of visiting the sites where Jesus walked still lingers in my heart and I am convinced that you will be deeply blessed by the experience. To go from “imagining” to “visualizing” the places of scripture will deeply transform the way you read your Bible. You will be inspired and moved by the beauty of these places and encouraged of the truth of your faith to hear and see the witness of the land. If you have ever wanted to go to the Holy Land here is your opportunity to explore that possibility. We hope and pray you will join us on the journey.


Mike and Laurie