Daily Itinerary

Journey to the Holy Land 2024 - February 25 - March 8, 2024

Sunday, February 26

Sunday, February 25

Depart Houston, Bush International

Monday, February 27

Monday, February 26

Arrive Tel Aviv and greeted by our tour guide and bus driver for the next 10 days. Overnight Netanya

Tuesday, February 28

Monday, February 27

Caesarea by the Sea / Mt. Carmel / Megiddo / Nazareth

After breakfast, we will visit Caesarea by the Sea, an incredible fortress built by King Herod the Great on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Here, Pontius Pilate had his base; Cornelius lived and was baptized; Paul embarked to Tarsus and Philip preached. We then travel north to Mt. Carmel, the site where the prophet Elijah fought the 400 false prophets of Baal. We turn inland and proceed to Megiddo, one of King Solomon’s walled fortified cities, with ruins of 20 levels of civilization. From here, the Books of Daniel and Revelation will come alive as we read about the final Battle of Armageddon while overlooking the Jezreel Valley. Continue to Nazareth, the boyhood home of Jesus. Overnight Sea of Galilee area

Wednesday, March 1

Wednesday, February 28

Mt of Beatitudes / Capernaum / Tabgha / Magdela / Sea of Galilee / Jesus Boat Museum

Today begins at the Mt. of Beatitudes with a powerful time of worship where Jesus delivered perhaps one of the most famous sermons ever preached – “The Sermon On The Mount”. Afterwards, we drive to Tabgha, the site of the miracle of the multiplication of loaves and fishes. On to Capernaum, the center of Jesus’ Galilean ministry and the site of many of his miracles and the remains of Peter’s house and the synagogue site where Jesus taught and worshipped. After a tasty St Peter’s lunch, we visit Magdela, the home of Mary Magdelene and see the ruins of a 1st century synagogue where Jesus was known to have taught many times. The day ends with an amazing time of praise and worship aboard a wooden boat on the Sea of Galilee followed by a visit to the Jesus Boat Museum to see a 2,000-year-old boat discovered in 1986.  Overnight Sea of Galilee area

Thursday, March 2

Thursday, February 29

Caesarea Philippi / Tel Dan / Golan Heights / Baptism in the Jordan

Today we drive north to Tel Dan and see a 5,000 year old gate that Abraham walked through. Continue on to Caesarea Philipi and stand in the pagan Roman worship center where Peter made his famous profession, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” As we drive through the Golan Heights, we will stop at Mount Bental to see the Syrian border and the road taken by the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus. We end the day celebrating our faith in Jesus Christ with baptisms in the Jordan River. Overnight Sea of Galilee area

Friday, March 3

Friday, March 1

Beit Shean / Mt. Nebo / Petra

Today begins with a walk through Beit Shean, one of the most extensive archaeological sites in Israel with some of the best-preserved ruins in the Middle East. This is also the site where the body of King Saul and his sons were nailed to the walls by the Philistines. We will cross the border and ascend to Mt. Nebo and stand where God showed Moses the Promise Land.  Overnight Petra Jordan

Saturday, March 4

Saturday, March 2

Tour of Petra

Begin the day touring one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, Petra. Marvel at the ancient city of the Nabaateans that was known to be inhabited by the Edomites – the descendants of Esau. View the tombs, temples and monuments cut directly into the red rock and enjoy an opportunity to ride camels or horses. After lunch, we continue through the Jordanian wilderness to Eilat, a beautiful resort town on the shores of the Red Sea and located at the southernmost tip of Israel. Overnight Eilat

Sunday, March 5

Sunday, March 3

Timna Park Tabernacle Replica / Dead Sea

After breakfast, we drive north along the possible route of the Israelites in the wilderness and stop at Timna Park to visit the fascinating replica of the Biblical Tabernacle. Built after much research, the replica is a complete, accurate and authentic reconstruction of the appearance and dimensions of the Tabenacle as described in the Bible. We end the day with a “therapeutic float” in the Dead Sea and an afternoon of free time. Overnight Dead Sea Area

Monday, March 6

Monday, March 4

Masada / Ein Gedi / Qumran / Jericho / Old Jericho Road

Begin today by traveling by cable car to the summit of Masada, one of the magnificent fortresses built by King Herod the Great. After lunch we continue to Ein Gedi, where David hid from King Saul and his 3,000 men. We will visit Qumran where a young shepherd boy discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls (the oldest biblical known texts) in 1947. We then tour Jericho to see the remains of the walls that came tumbling down. We will also enjoy an overlook of the Old Jericho Road, the setting of the Good Samaritan parable in the Bible and a reflections site for Psalms 23. Overnight Jerusalem

Tuesday, March 7

Tuesday, March 5

Mt of Olives / Palm Sunday Road / Garden of Gethsemane / St Anne Church / Pool of Bethesda / Via Dolorosa / Church of Holy Sepulcher.

Today we begin at the Mt. of Olives for a panoramic view of Jerusalem and trace the footsteps of Jesus down the Palm Sunday Road to the Garden of Gethsemane.  We pass though the Lion’s gate to visit the Pools of Bethesda, where Jesus healed the crippled man. St. Anne’s Church offers a time to sing praises to God and enjoy the incredible acoustics of the church. We pass through the colorful bazaars, alleyways and market places as we walk and remember the suffering of our Lord along the Via Dolorosa as make our way to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Overnight Jerusalem

Wednesday, March 8

Wednesday, March 6

Temple Mount / Western Wall / City of David / Pools of Siloam / Cardio Maximus – Jewish Quarter / Valley Of Elah / Israel Museum

After breakfast we will visit the Temple Mount which is built atop Mt Moriah where Abraham was commanded to sacrifice Isaac. We will stop at the Western Wall, the last remnant of the original retaining wall which surrounded the second temple, to pray. We also visit the excavations of the City of David and see David’s palace where he looked from his rooftop and saw Bathsheba. We go underground to Hezekiah’s Tunnel and end with a visit to the Pools of Siloam where Jesus healed a blind man. We return to the Old city and walk along the Roman/Byzantine Street called the “Cardo” (ancient main street Jerusalem) and have lunch in the Jewish Quarter of the old city. After lunch, we leave the city and drive to the Valley Of Elah, the site of the famous David and Goliath showdown. Afterwards, we stop at the Israel Museum to see a model of Jerusalem as it appeared in Jesus’ time. Then to the Shrine of the Book, home of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest manuscripts of the Bible ever found. Overnight Jerusalem

Thursday, March 9

Thursday, March 7

Southern Steps of Temple / Mt Zion / Caiaphas House / Church of St. Peter’s Gallicantu / Garden Tomb

We begin today reflecting on Jesus’ ministry in Jerusalem as we sit on the Southern Steps of the temple. This southern side of the temple was the main entrance for the common folk, including Jesus and parts of the giant stairs have been unearthed along with many purification pools. From here Jesus entered the temple and drove out the vendors and money changers and this is also likely to be the site of the Day of Pentecost. Continue to Mt Zion to visit the traditional site of the Upper Room (Room of the Last Supper), and the Church of St. Peter’s in Gallicantu, built on top of the High Priest Caiphas’ house where Jesus was likely held the night before his death. We finish our amazing time in Jerusalem with a visit to the Garden Tomb for a communion service. Overnight Jerusalem

Friday, March 10

Friday, March 8

Depart Tel Aviv – arrive USA!