Journey to the Holy Land

Presented by Calvary Baptist Church, Little Rock

Hosted by Scott and Mona Jackson

March 14 - 23, 2024

From Scott and Mona

I once heard a pastor say that he had the privilege of getting both a seminary education and going to the Holy Land. He continued by saying that if he had the rank the two experiences, the seminary degree would be more valuable, but only by a small margin. Having personally earned a seminary degree and having personally traveled to the Holy Land on two different occasions, I would agree with him. If one is able, there are few experiences that will be more valuable and personally impacting than a Holy Land trip, especially a trip among friends. I hope that you will consider joining Mona and I next March (2024) for a trip of a lifetime.


P.S. – We will be partnering with Prelude Tours for this Holy Land experience. Prelude Tours is owned and operated by Jeff and Sarah Bennett. Yes, this is the Jeff and Sarah Bennett who served on Calvary’s ministry staff in the mid 90’s. The Bennett’s will actually be joining us for the trip bringing their travel, musical, and biblical backgrounds expertise. This will set our tour apart from any other!

Scott and Mona

From Donna

We are planning a trip to the Holy Land and I can’t wait! This has been a dream of mine for a long time and the thought of being able to walk where Jesus walked and actually stand on HOLY GROUND will be a dream come true. Please consider joining us.

Kind regards, Donna