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Greece was a great trip - learning and making the Bible come alive – We loved all parts – singing, devotions, etc. We travel a lot but going with a Christian tour is the BEST!

I’ve been in the ministry for over forty years and regret not making this trip earlier! To see, feel and hear the sounds of the Holy Land took my understanding of God’s word from two-dimensional to three, from black and white to color!

It is difficult to find words to describe our experience. The trip was wonderful and it changed our lives. It helped bring Jesus to life from the bible!

There was not a wasted moment while in Israel....amazing! Jeff and Sarah were fun and sensitive to the group’s needs but most of all provide a worshipful and very personal pilgrimage through God’s Promised Land.

Jeff and Sarah as tour leaders were extremely helpful in providing tips as to what to expect and the most efficient way to prepare for the trip. The trip was organized and fun, and the Bennett’s were attentive to the needs of each person. The Spiritual journey was life changing!

Prelude Tours

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